• Oil painting on paper of a solitarty figure on an orange background
  • Oil painting on canvas depiciting two children playing in a field with a pond
  • Oil painting on Khadi paper of a fat donkey by a windmill
  • Oil painting on canvas depicting a shootout in a theatre during a showing of Scarface
  • Oil painting on canvas of a man in a hospital bed with nature invading his hospital room
  • Oil painting on Khadi paper of a man confessing to strangling his Alexa device
Paul Arsenault

About Me

I'm a visual artist working predominantly in oil paint, with a side of sheet metal sculpture.

Paul Arsenault - Aritst

Artist Statement

Anchored firmly in painting, Paul’s work is strongly influenced by the narratives of daily life.

He is fascinated by human interaction and how these interactions, combined with the notions of human identity, community and nonconformity, contribute to the evolution of society.

His paintings are an investigation of curious, often overlooked social circumstances, utilized as an attempt to gain a more personal understanding of the human experience. The use of humor, bold colors, and quirky imagery softens the work, allowing an easier visual approach to difficult subjects.

Paul's' current work investigates where his own disposition resides, within the spheres of conformity and non-conformity; as we enter an unparalleled time of divisiveness and personal expression.

Selected Exhibitions

  • Making Moves – Group exhibition @ Gallery 263
  • Brooklyn Art Film Festival – Experimental short category for Universal Frequencies, New York
  • Santa Fe Independent Film Festival – Experimental short category for Universal Frequencies, Sante Fe
  • 2020 National Prize Show - Cambridge Art Association, Cambridge
  • The Atrocity of US – Group exhibition at FPAC Gallery, Boston
  • Dimensional Intrigue - Cortile Gallery, Provincetown, MA
  • Power Play- curated exhibition @ The Concept Space, London, UK
  • Salon! – Group exhibition at the Rozsa Center for the Performing Arts, Houghton, MI
  • Kean as Mustard – group show at Gallery 9, Cambridge, UK

Selected Works

Art is hard.

Metal Sketches (tm)


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New Site Design

September - 2022

I'm officially a single pager! I have redesigned my site to be more accessable and easier to use. I hope you like it! Feel free to ping me a message below.

Thank you!!

May - 2022

A huge thanks to everyone who came to Somerville Open Studios this year!

The turnout was amazing and I hope to see you all again next year -- with even stranger art to look at.

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