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Artist Statement:

Anchored in painting, Paulís work is strongly influenced by the narratives of daily life. He is fascinated by human interaction and how these interactions, combined with the notions of human identity, community and nonconformity, contribute to the evolution of society. Paulís paintings are an investigation of curious, often overlooked social circumstances, utilized as an attempt to gain a more personal understanding of the human experience. The use of humor, bold colors, and quirky imagery softens the work, allowing an easier visual approach to difficult subjects.

Paulís current work investigates where his own disposition resides, within the spheres of conformity and non-conformity; as we enter an unparalleled time of divisiveness and personal expression.

Metal Sketches:

For years, Paul would flip through his sketch books and smile. They contained highly rendered images, quirky contour drawings and quick scribbles of unknowing models. Crossed out failures outnumbered successes. There was always a nagging disappointment that these images were tucked away in an intimate book that was rarely exposed to viewers other than Paul himself.

In early 2009 Paul created a proto-type of Bossa Nova Guy. The original sketch was magnified 10-fold by hand then painstakingly cut out of birch wood, pieced together, and painted black.

The result brought an intimate sketch to the viewer as a larger-than-life 3-dimensional sculpture. Since the first proto-type the process has been refined and the pieces are now created from steel. Paul finds steel a more creative outlet which allows for intricate designs and delicate lines while being extremely durable.

Metal Sketches are hung directly onto a wall through a series of metal dowels that leave a 2-inch gap between wall and sculpture. The resulting space creates a 4th dimension of shadow play between the light, sculpture, and wall. A self-developed process allows scaled versions of each metal sketch with versions editioned in runs of 20.

Paulís metal sketches have been well received in businesses, homes and galleries throughout the world as well as the prestigious Mass Art yearly benefit show.