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MiScale.com: MiScale.com is a Cambridge based Start-up. Seth came to me with his idea and we worked together to make a web presence as well as a kiosk application that runs his weight scale. It's written in C# and Silverlight and hits a SQL Database. There's also a c# middle tier for handling the data and business logic.

Ziggs: Ziggs is a social/professional network aimed at solidifying a person’s online brand. This makes up the bulk of my .Net experience as I was with Ziggs from start-up to launch, 4 years in total. It’s written in VB.Net with a SQL database for the back end. A VB middle-tier.

Metasmiths: The guys down at Metalsmiths needed a web presenc so I designed and developed this site for them. Straight HTML with a little jQuery for some animation.

The Book Rack: This is a current project for a used book store franchise. It’s running C# on a MySql database and has forums for the individual franchise owners. The majority of the code functionality is behind the login for owners only. It’s store maintenance, news, links etc.. Functionality to help facilitate communication to customers and with other Book Rack stores.

High Purity North America: Mark and Dave needed a new site when they expanded from New ENgland to North America. They needed branding and a new logo as well as a shopping cart for their products. Working together we came up with the current HP-NA web site. It's an asp.Net in C# with a SQL Database.

Paul Arsenault: This is my personal art web site. It’s a couple of flash plug-ins hitting a MySql back end database. ASP.Net and C#.

Functional Places: Wendy had the graphics for her site as Jpg's and she sent them over to me to chop them up to create a Google-indexed web site. Using HTML and search engine optimization tricks we're moving Functional Places up the search results!

If you would like some information please email us and we will send you some links as well as references.